Bokitta | Hijab Style 2012 by Bokitta | Head Scarves And Hijab Fashion For Women 2012

Bokitta is a global garment and apparel retail business. Bokitta designs, manufactures, distributes, sells and franchises its products.Bokitta business fashion philosophy is to design, create and sell innovative and stylish conservative apparel and accessories using reasonable material quality at affordable selling prices and bringing it as quickly as possible to our customers world wide.
Bokitta Invented the innovative Ready-To-Wear headscarf, and has a patent(PCT) published by World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), providing protection from imitations for more than 144 countries.
Bokitta Is a family run business, the company is managed by Mubde ABSI (CEO).source
White Headscarves for Girls
Women's Headscarves style 2012
Women's head scarf
Styles of hijab 2012 for Pakistani women
fashion scarves 2012 for Muslim women
Hijab and scarves collection 2012
Bokitta head scarves collection for women
head scarves and hijab exclusive collection by Bokitta
Hijab for Muslim women 2012

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